Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2008

Hi Everybody,

Where do I start! On Saturday Alfred's blood pressure went up to 220/110 and he had a seizure. We were rush to the hosiptal and about three hours later he had another seizure. They gave him medication for the seizures and for his blood pressure. MRI, CT scan, and x-rays are all negative. We have been tranfer to Jackson where all his doctors are at.

Doctors believe that there was a problem with his bladder. However, today his blood pressure has been high again. They are planning are running more tests.

Alfred is doing ok! We are scare but we all continue to pray that God will help us get though these difficult times in our lives. Uncertain why we are suffering so much but with the grace of God he will heal Alfred.



  1. I know that I am nothing more than a stranger in many cases to your side of the family, but I prey day in and day out that your husband pulls through. I have dreams very night that he is up and walking and handing thing and wrestling with his friends and family. I will not try to empathize but Alfre gave me a chance one that no one else was willing to give. I am forever grateful to him and I know that you two will live long happy lives together and one day this will be nothing more than a memory. I love you guys and my prayers are all ways with you. Hang in there Michelle God all ways delivers one way or another.

  2. First of all, I didn't even know Izzy had a blogger! I'm sad knowing that he's in pain. I pray that he'll be better soon. I know that things are difficult right now. And I realize that I could never understand how difficult it is for you, Michelle. But you can always talk to me if you need. I hope and pray that things will be better soon.

  3. We are here for you Michelle, Alfredo and the rest of the Iglesias family. Our heart goes out to you, to give you strength. We are so very worried, so please keep us updated. And if there is anything at all, anything we might be able to do, please let us know. In the meantime, we will think positively and pray often. You have our unconditional support and friendship.

    Sending love and strength,
    Danielle, Justin, Emery, Jill and Noah.